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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

FOB gangsters teamed up to hunt down and kill some members of the rival FK gang

21:36 |


A man testified on Monday how a then fellow member of the 403 Soldiers street gang told him how he and some FOB gangsters teamed up to hunt down and kill some members of the rival FK gang on New Year’s Day 2009. C.E., who cannot be named in order to protect his identity, said Real Christian Honorio called him aside a couple days after the triple slaying at Bolsa Restaurant and asked him if he had seen the news. “I said, yeah, I watched the news yesterday,” C.E. told Crown prosecutor Rajbir Dhillon. “I told him I want to know if my friends were getting shot. “He said this time, no worry, your friends were doing the shooting. . . . He was excited and happy. He said he was out hunting with these FOB guys. He said he walked up to this guy and said, ‘Are you FK?’ He said, ‘yeah,’ then pulled up his (bullet-proof) vest and shot him . . . He said the last word out of the guy’s mouth was ‘yeah.’” Honorio, 28, is on trial for three counts of first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of FK member Sanjeev Mann, 23, FK associate Aaron Bendle, 21, and Bolsa regular customer Keni S’ua, 43. C.E. said Honorio then warned him, “if I ever told anybody, he’d kill me and my family.” The witness said some other 403 Soldiers asked Honorio if he “got the money from the FOB guys yet,” alluding to some agreement for the shootings. C.E. said when he heard the details of the homicides, it shook him up. “I was shocked,” he told Dhillon. “My wife was pregnant with my son at the time and it hit close to home. I didn’t agree with an innocent bystander getting shot.” The witness acknowledged that he is in prison until September 2015 for aggravated assault, possession of cocaine, uttering threats and possession of property obtained by crime. He also has an extensive record of 39 convictions, including a half-dozen for assaults over the past decade. C.E. said he dropped out of the 403 Soldiers after he was sentenced on Jan. 5, 2009 - four days after the Bolsa shooting - to 26 months in prison for possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. He said some fellow gang members assaulted him in remand because he did not smuggle enough drugs inside the prison with him. C.E. said he had gone to Chinook Centre with some friends on Dec. 27, 2008, just after Honorio got out of prison, and they had planned to get some guns and bullet-proof vests so they could go after FKs and “attack them violently, I guess.” He said, however, he didn’t want to be involved in murder. “I remember things were getting quite heavy and I wasn’t comfortable with this happening,” C.E. said. “I sold drugs and I wanted to make money to spend on my family. I didn’t want to go killing people and get a life sentence.” Mann suffered four wounds in the mid-afternoon attack, including one to the back that went through both lungs and the aorta, that was fatal. Bendle sustained two gunshot wounds to the head, either of which was rapidly fatal, according to the medical examiner. S’ua was struck three times, one to the head and two to the back. All died very quickly, court has heard. Honorio is alleged to have been one of the shooters inside the restaurant in Macleod Plaza, at Macleod Trail and 94th Ave. Court has heard that members of the FOB gang allegedly kidnapped Bendle on Dec. 31, 2008, in order to find Mann and kill him in retaliation for something he had allegedly done. The shooting was part of a gang war between FK and FOB street gangs that resulted in at least 25 homicides over a five-year period. Two other men -- Nathan Zuccherato, 25, and Michael Roberto, 28, were convicted by a jury after trial last October of the same charges and sentenced to life with no chance of parole for 25 years. The trial before Justice Glen Poelman and jury continues on Monday.

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