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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Banditos gang stabing 2 bloody knives were found on Jesse Boling, the prospective gang member.

23:52 |

Police also say the brawl involved a motorcycle gang and that one of the men involved was trying to get into the banditos gang. And police say that might have been the motive behind the fight."This wasn't your average bar fight," Sgt. Eric Bravo. Police say 34 year old Vincent Latona was kicked out of the Branch Inn for getting too loud. "It involved a motorcycle gang that has a reputation of violence," Bravo said.Police say a group of bikers from the Banditos gang were drinking at the same bar."One of the group of bikers was a prospect member, meaning he was trying to get into the gang. That may be a possible motive, at this point we don't know for sure," Bravo said.
Police say the prospect is 28-year-old Jesse Boling. He and another gang member confronted Latona, outside the bar. A witness said Latona was carrying a 4 inch knife and after two scuffles, two bikers ended up with minor stab wounds, but Latona was in worse condition."He received some pretty serious stab wounds to his stomach," Bravo said.Latona was taken into surgery at Parkview and is expected to live. Meanwhile, police chased four men on motorcycles, and cornering them about a half mile away at 1st and Santa Fe. They've been arrested for eluding police and two got DUI's. Two others, including one with stab wounds, were not arrested. But so far, the gang's being tightlipped about the fight. "Nobody really wanted to talk to the police. The prospect did talk but he didn't give any valuable information," Bravo said.But crime scene evidence may help. Police say 2 bloody knives were found on Jesse Boling, the prospective gang member."Since he had the knife on him and if we determine one of those knives was used to stab a victim, he's looking at some charges for that," Bravo said.Latona has not been arrested, since he was in the hospital. But police have a probable cause affidavit for 1st degree assault. No word yet on charges for the biker gang, or the prospect.

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