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Friday, 17 October 2008

Spanish Cobra gang members arrested

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Twenty-five suspected Spanish Cobra gang members arrested Wednesday morning now face federal drug and gun charges, while six more are being sought as fugitives. Those being sought as fugitives are:
-- Ernesto Vargas, 22, of 1055 N. St. Louis Ave.;
-- Daniel Bonilla, 25, of 2544 N. Harding Ave.;
-- Erick Brito, 27, of 2526 W. Cortez St.;
-- Taki Spencer, 28, of 1017 N. Rockwell St.;
-- Gilberto Vargas, 20, of 3907 W. Armitage Ave.; and
-- Chauvet Stiggers, 22, of 8000 S. Kedvale Ave.
In all, 31 people face state or federal charges, according to a release from the FBI. Federal drug charges, including cocaine, crack cocaine and marijuana distribution, were lodged against 18 suspects, while and 13 more face state drug and gun charges, according to the release. The charges are the culmination of a two-year investigation called "Operation Snake Charmer," a cooperation between local, state and federal law enforcement to break up the hierarchy of Chicago drug trafficking street gangs, the release said. Police used undercover witnesses, including former gang members, as well as court-authorized electronic surveillance and undercover audio and video surveillance of drug deals as part of the investigation.
"The Spanish Cobras are an organized, centrally-controlled street gang whose members conspire together to sell drugs and protect and enforce their territory in the Chicago area," Robert Grant, special agent-in-charge of the Chicago FBI office, said in the release. "These arrests should remind gangs that law enforcement here is united in our efforts to eradicate the city and suburbs of this plague."
Those arrested and charged federally were scheduled to appear later Wednesday in federal court in front of Judge Susan E. Cox. If convicted, they face mandatory minimum sentences of five years and a maximum of life, the release said.
All those charged were from Chicago with the exception of Floyd Dearmond, 20, of East Chicago, Ind.Insane Spanish Cobras Nation is a "Folks Mob" made up of mostly latinos. Their colors are Green & Black Their symbols include a Cobra Snake, Diamond on Staff w/3 dots. They originated as a Puerto Rican street gang in the Humboldt Park area of Chicago.[M]any Puerto Rican residents to relocated to the Humboldt Park and West Town neighborhoods where their concentration facilitated the creation of Chicago first Puerto Rican neighborhood along the Division street corridor. This area was called "La Division." Around this time, clique orientated clubs and street gangs began to solidify their presence throughout these neighborhoods. Soon after, the Spanish Cobras and Latin Kings street gang began to feud in the Humboldt Park community. In the late 1960's-to-early 70's, the Spanish Cobras united with Latin Disciples, Imperial Gangsters, and Latin Eagles to form the United Latino Organization (ULO), which acted as an alliance among Latino street gangs before the Folks & People alliances were originated in the late 1970's.
(FOLK-NATION)They've done battle with the Simon City Royals:
A key factor in the growth of the Spanish Cobras was the acquisition of territory in Logan Square and in and around the Koz Park area. Prior to this, the Simon City Royals street gang had a firm hold on the grounds.The Spanish Cobras and Simon City Royals fought a violent battle over the control of Koz Park in the 1980's, in which many lives were lost on both sides.They have organized other street gangs:
In 1992, the Spanish Cobras became the principle founder of the "Insane Familia", a group of Latino Folks gangs allied on the streets and in the prisons. All organizations granted membership into the Insane Familia adopted the prefix "Insane" to their gangs title.Here's a list of known rivals:Latin Kings, Insane Unknowns, Simon City Royals, Maniac Latin Disciples, Maniac Campbell Boys, Imperial Gangsters, Latin Eagles, Latin Jivers, Milwaukee Kings, Latin Brothers, Latin Stylers, and Latin Pachucos street gangs.

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