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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Red Scorpions brothers James, Jarrod, and Jonathan Bacon gang task force warned that anyone associating with the brothers could be in jeopardy

06:20 |

Abbotsford Police got reports of shots fired just previous to 4 p.m. at the Abbotsford Village Shopping Centre and a black Ford 150 truck fleeing the scene.James Bacon narrowly escaped with his life after gunfire erupted at a shopping mall in Abbotsford this afternoon. Moments later, a black Mercedes SL500 heading west on South Fraser Way a block or so from the mall careened down an embankment and slammed into the stone stairway of the Abbotsford Keg Restaurant located on West Railway. Police and firefighters arrived to find the empty Mercedes, engine still revving emitting smoke and fumes in front of the restaurant. A witness waiting at the stop sign at the intersection of West Railway and South Fraser Way said he saw the driverless Mercedes come down the road and plunge down the 10 to 15 foot slope .
Looking up along the road he saw a man on his hands and knees in the middle of South Fraser Way get up and run into the industrial area immediately south. Moments later James Bacon was taken into police custody in an alley behind businesses on Abbotsford Way. Wearing a blue bullet proof vest and hoodie with splashed with a gold pattern, he was overheard telling officers he was shot at with an automatic weapon. He was transported from the scene in a back of a patrol car. Abbotsford Police are not confirming the man taken into custody is James Bacon. However, the individual, in his twenties, is well known to police and believed to be the target of the shooting, said Const. Casey Vinet. He has been questioned and released, said Vinet. A mother driving a van loaded with her four kids was in one of the lanes adjacent to the black Mercedes when shots rang out. "We heard six pops. It was like pop, pop, pop. We didn't even know it was gun shots." "I've got four kids under eight with me. If the bullets had of missed him. I was right beside him. It's too scary." Immediately after the shots, she looked over to see a big dent in the driver's side door and the car take off through the intersection. The young mom said she was shaken up that this level of violence could take place in her neighbourhood.
"It's pretty freaky. I just want to get us home."Vinet said no one was injured in the shooting, but a third vehicle unrelated to the shooting was struck by a bullet.
No arrests have been made. Abbotsford brothers James, Jarrod, and Jonathan Bacon are currently the subject of a extraordinary public warning issued by the the B.C. Integrated Gang Task Force.The gang task force warned that anyone associating with the brothers could be in jeopardy as the trio were targets in a murder plot by rival gangsters.As a result, the Bacon family home in east Abbotsford is under surveillance by police cameras for the safety of area residents.The warning was issued in May, following the arrest of James 23, and Jarrod, 25, in connection with two separate RCMP firearms investigations.The pair are charged with numerous weapons offences.According to their bail conditions, the two brothers must abide by a curfew and reside at the family home, not carry weapons of any kind, not wear or possess any paraphernalia associated with the Red Scorpions gang, and must not have any contact with Dennis Karbovanec.

Karbovanec a long time associate of the Bacon brothers survived a targeted shooting in Mission on New Year's Eve.

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Pam said...

Well I certainly wouldn't want them to be my neighbour or end up parked beside them at a red light. Scary!! But as they say you life by the sword you die by the sword and that is exactly what is gonna happen to those brother. Sad but true.


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