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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Tango Blast Houstone. members of Texas' largest prison gang,Ten of the 14 indicted gang members are in custody. Four are still on the loose.

08:03 |

Tango Blast Houstone.The men not yet arrested but also indicted in the case are: Ronnie Elmer Jackson, 36, of Navasota; Raul Sergio Madrigal, 29, of League City; Mario Alberto Gonzalez, 34, of Houston; and Juan Mario Rangel, 28, of Houston.If found guilty of conspiracy to distribute drugs, they would face a mandatory minimum federal sentence of 10 years in prison and a $4 million fine

Tango Blast Houstone. members of Texas' largest prison gang,Acting Houston U.S. Attorney Tim Johnson announced today that 14 members of the highly-decentralized yet populous Houstone gang have been indicted on five counts related to the possession and distribution of marijuana and cocaine. The indictments are the result of the task-force's three-year-long investigation, which involved organizations including the FBI, DEA., ATF, Houston Police Department, and the IRS.
As we reported back in August 2007, Tango Blast Houstone bills itself as a milder and kinder alternative to other state prison gangs such as the Texas Syndicate and Mexican Mafia. Members follow a looser code and set of rules and are not nearly as organized. That said, Tango Blast Houstone members can be just as vicious and involved in crime. So while the gang and its seemingly relaxed approach may look fresh and unique, in many ways it's just an act members are using to recruit unprecedented numbers of people into the largest and fastest-growing gang in Texas.
Johnson hosted a news conference this afternoon to announce that this is the task-force's first made case of the new year. "We're here collectively to wage battle against any gang who chooses Houston as their turf," said F.B.I Special Agent in Charge Andrew Bland.The government is alleging that beginning in 2007, the defendants conspired to possess with the intent to sell 1,000 or more kilos of marijuana and more than five kilos of cocaine. In addition to the drugs, agents also seized guns, jewelry, cell phones, several high-end cars and $12,000 in cash. The government is also seeking the defendants to forfeit $18 million, the alleged worth of the sold drugs, says Johnson.Ten of the 14 indicted gang members are in custody. Four are still on the loose.

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Anonymous said...

how can i join?? im very interested

Anonymous said...

i wanna join this gang. where do i sign up??

Da Gunner said...

I want to join too! Do I have to go to jail to become a member

trillestever248 said...

To join , yo ass gatta do some time in the pen , and you gatta fight to prove your down for Tango Blast

Da Gunner said...

I was locked up in Va for awhile on a bogus charge.I was in the military so I am all about protecting "my brothas" so I will do whatever if someone were to cross them. I am all 'bout if you and blastin' you ain't lastin' so hit me back

Anonymous said...

Houstone Sounds like Stocktone Defiantly want to Allie with this hood, We can be powerful and take over the world. I can see it now, o n the walls, Stockhoustones.

Anonymous said...

Huston sounds like stock-tone, Definitely a Hood I would Allie with and rule the world, I can see it now, on all the walls, Stockhustone my mind gets hard, on these thoughts.
I loave America land of Opportunity.

Michael Wyatt said...

Amen brotha if we all you nite there"s no telling what we can accomplish


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