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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Juggalo movement: Modesto Family Klowns, Psychopathic Criminal Klowns, Juggalo Rider Bitch, Down 2 Party and Nothing 2 Lose.

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Stanislaus County Superior Court Judge Dawna Frenchie Reeves said defendants Brandon Ferrell, 18, Joshua Huggins, 17, Kurt Petersen, 22, and Larry Williams, 20, will have to return to the county lockup if they cannot post bail when they are arraigned May 22.Four young men suspected of assaulting a man in Graceada Park and who share an interest in an underground band called Insane Clown Posse must stand trial as members of a criminal street gang that authorities call Juggalos, a judge said Friday.Prosecutors allege that the men are gang members, rather than fans of a band whose lyrics are so raw they wouldn't be heard on mainstream radio, because they travel in a pack, share a common sign or symbol -- the cartoon hatchetman associated with the Detroit-based band -- and commit crimes. Defense attorneys say their clients are just young men who got drunk and behaved badly. The judge said there is enough evidence of gang affiliation to let a jury decide the matter.
"I am disturbed by the level of violence displayed by these young men on March 7," Frenchie Reeves said as she set bail for Ferrell, Huggins and Petersen, who have no records, at $90,000, and bail for Williams, who was convicted of assault as a juvenile, at $125,000.The defendants were released on their own recognizance in the midst of a four-day preliminary hearing last month because of a technicality. They invoked their right to a speedy trial before a prosecutor's scheduling conflict prompted a temporary suspension of the proceedings.Defense attorneys objected to the bail order, saying the previous custody ruling should not be reversed unless their clients violate the terms of their release. The defendants have come to court as required and have not gotten into trouble since they left jail and Juvenile Hall last month.Huggins, a minor, is being tried as an adult.The judge said she will order bail as soon as a prosecutor files formal charges, because there was no provocation for an assault on William August, 53, who was strolling in Graceada Park about 9 p.m. on a Saturday with his girlfriend and daughters, ages 17 and 11.
According to witnesses, Petersen ran up to August, asked to shake his daughters' hands, received a rebuff because he made the family uncomfortable, then returned about 10 minutes later with his friends, who toppled August and kicked him, breaking his leg in two places.The defendants, along with another man who has not been charged, were pulled off August by other Juggalos.A police officer told the court that fans of Insane Clown Posse have been hanging out in the park on weekend nights in recent months.If some of the Juggalos have formed a street gang, their presence remains small. Authorities have documented 38 Juggalos as gang members countywide. The district attorney's office could point to only four juvenile cases since 2001 in which people claiming to be Juggalos committed crimes.A gang investigator told the court about five local groups associated with a nationwide Juggalo movement: Modesto Family Klowns, Psychopathic Criminal Klowns, Juggalo Rider Bitch, Down 2 Party and Nothing 2 Lose.She could not place the defendants in any of the groups, nor could she say if the defendants' gang had a name other than Juggalo. She said some of the defendants have posted photos of themselves throwing hand signs for WC, or "wicked clown," on social networking Web sites.The defendants promised not to engage in any Juggalo activities, such as painting their faces in crazy clown makeup or hanging out in the park. They left the courthouse and avoided August, who attended the hearing and declined to comment.Defense attorneys said the young men have regrets.

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Nickname unavailable said...

It is possible for a juggalo to be in a gang, however Juggalos are not a gang in their own right. A real juggalo does not believe nor support the notion that they are in a gang merely because they have become a part of the underground society. The juggalo culture is NOT a gang OR a cult, and we should never judge an entire group based solely on it's worst individuals.

jrbvile said...

juggaloz cant be a gang cuz gangz dont let the the gang bang other true gangz im a juggalo how am i a gang i been 2 underground music sicne i was born a juggalo riderz bitch it was in my blood juggalo is a state of mind where u dnt care wnt ppl think of u whoop whoop dis ur boy vile

shannon said...

Okay, let me explain one major thing to anyone who passes judgment on Juggalos. We are NOT a gang and NEVER will be. If you want to judge us all because of a few people's actions, let me quote Violent J's response to behaviors like the ones stated on Dateline. He said "If you go out and beat someone down or kill someone, get the f**k out of our lives! You're a sicko!" This brings me to my point. I am a Juggalo and have been for years and I do not stand for or tolerate such behavior. We are a group of people who typically come from bad situations and have found acceptance from each other. Essentially, we are more like a second family. We do not seek to destroy or harm, but we do protect each other in times of distress. If that's wrong, then every person in America should be on gang file, right? Nobody can tell me they wouldn't protect people they care about and have love for. Anyone who wants to argue this point or is family go ahead and message me on myspace.

jordan said...

I just don't understand why you and your "clowns" have to promote violence. Coming from a hardcore punk scene, I've seen plenty of fights, beatdowns, etc. However, I have never seen so much violent lyrical nonsense. So yes, I judge you for being a juggalo Shannon, not because of who you are, but because of who you associate with. Deal with it.

aedanthorpe said...

hahahahaha are you serious? if a man stabs another man to death, do you blame the knife? no. grow up people. teenagers being violent!? what!? that NEVER happens. it must be a gang thing. MUST. haha whoop whoop much clown love homies. keep it wicked

gregfinley said...

man this shit is all fucked up some homies be sayin we a gang then others sayin we not i think it comes down to the person some homies wana make up there own sets let'em but dont lable all of us a gang cuz thats fucked up that i get stoped by the cops for anythin that has any of my psycopathic homies names on it in my city well im out this bitch whoop whoop and much love to all my fam out there who i dont know

millerkory said...

Look at this. We are not a gang and any "Juggalo" that says we are needs to get a life. Juggalos don't fight over territory, drugs, or anything. Jordan, why hate on something you don't understand? We don't promote violence. Violent J(Linked for those that are ignorant who he is(Jordan)) said two things that I want to quote. First is, "If you take our lyrics seriously you are ignorant." He is right its about the message behind the lyrics not the actual lyrics. And no I'm not talking about secret messages or anything. Such as Halls of Illusions" by ICP(In my opinion best song by them next to F*ck The World) It has nothing to do with the lyrics it's all about the meaning behind them. And the second thing I want to quote J on is, "We are clowns. We aren't meant to be taken seriously." We Juggalos stand united around the world. Hit me up on Facebook fam. Whoop Whoop

Juggalo "criminal" said...

You guys are cry babies, let them think were a gang. regardless the point is they are jealous of our family, our life style of true love for a homie scares them. there so strung up on you has the biggest, when all we need is each other. let them bitch and bitch, until they do something about us and wipe us out then were gona continue to gather. hell yeah we walk in packs cause bitches out there are judgmental about the way i wear my paint.

Unknown said...

Joker A

I dont understand why we are called a gang we dont go around and kill ppl for drugs or money or bitches or because they dont rep what we do. we are a FAMILY not a gang just because we protect one another doesnt make us again it makes us loyal to family. We love are family because were different we understand where one another comes from which makes so so unique and wanting to help one another. Another thing is you guys consider us gangs because we fight for what we believe in the thing is ya we do fight but we never start the fight at all. we walk down the streets and some douchebag doesnt like what he sees so he gets a bunch of his friends to jump us that them starting all we do is defend are selves not because we like to retaliate but because they messed with are family. I LOVE YOU ALL WHOOP WHOOP MMFWKCL!!!!!!!!

JuggaletteJay said...

Juggalos are not a gang in anyway.
Were a family. Simple as that..

Whoop Whoop
Down with the clown til I'm dead in the ground.


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