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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Stephen Marshall, 38, sensationally confessed to the other atrocities

09:02 |

Stephen Marshall, 38, sensationally confessed to the other atrocities He admitted through his barrister that he sliced up and dismembered the victims a decade before he slaughtered his landlord Jeffrey Howe - whose flat he wanted for himself and his hooker girlfriend. At the time the four died he said he was working for North London's most vicious crime family - the notorious Adamses.
The cleaver-loving ex-gangster, whose confession stunned detectives, was taken away to begin a life sentence after REFUSING to identify the other corpses. Murder cop Michael Hanlon, who nailed Marshall after kitchen salesman Mr Howe's body parts were found, planned to visit the beast in jail. The Detective Chief Supt, who admitted the confession was a "surprise", confirmed: "Clearly we will seek to interview him further." Police suspect they know who two of the victims were.
The FIRST is gangster Gilbert Wynter - an enforcer for the Adams gang. He vanished in 1998 after the family accused him of double crossing them by skimming off drug profits. His remains are believed to be under the Millennium Dome - now known as the 02 arena. The SECOND is a hoodlum known only as Manchester John.
His body parts are thought to be somewhere in the North of England after he stole £100,000 from the mob family. Marshall's QC Peter Doyle told how for four years in the late 1990s his client was a bouncer at nightclubs in London and the Home Counties run by the mobsters. The QC said murder victims would be brought to the clubs late at night for the hulking bodybuilder to cut to pieces.
His client thought it "sensible" to get on with the grisly job no questions asked. Remains were disposed of by other gangsters.The gruesome routine was long suspected by Scotland Yard. Det Chief Supt Hanlon said: "We've now got for the first time from Marshall that he has been involved in those types of crime. That gives us areas to investigate." Man mountain Marshall, who boasts a 52in chest, became adept at using a meat cleaver, knives and sometimes a chainsaw. But his inexperience at HIDING remains came back to haunt him when he stabbed Mr Howe, 49, to death last March.
He simply dumped the cut-up body around the countryside in Hertfordshire and Leicestershire - the limbs wrapped in plastic and the torso in an old suitcase.
Within days passers-by began stumbling across body parts, including a head with eyes, ears and tongue cut away.The victim became known as Jigsaw Man as horrific discoveries continued for three weeks. When cops identified him they found Marshall and his lover still living in Mr Howe's flat in Southgate, North London - and spending his money. The lodger admitted cutting up the body in an ensuite bathroom and disposing of it. But bizarrely he denied murder - and a jury was sworn in at St Albans Crown Court, Herts. They heard three weeks of evidence before Marshall suddenly changed his plea to guilty last Friday. He had to wait until yesterday - when the trial of his prostitute girlfriend ended - before being sentenced to life with a minimum of 36 years. Lover Sarah Bush, 21, was also charged with murder, which she denied. Yesterday the prosecution accepted guilty pleas on two charges of perverting justice - involving covering up the killing and helping to dispose of the body. She got three years and nine months. CCTV caught the pair driving near where some of the body parts were dumped. The mum of two was working for an escort agency when Marshall started paying her for sex. He had a job with Kitchens Direct - a long way from the days when he used to call gang bosses Terry and Tommy Adams "uncle".
Police spent 25 years trying to nail Terry Adams - whose mob is suspected of 25 gangland murders. Vice girl Bush quit charging Marshall for sex when she fell for the twice-wed charmer who is dad to four kids. When her mum kicked the pair out, salesman colleague Mr Howe let them stay at his flat. The heavy smoker, who had lung disease, was yesterday described by his family as "a charming character who had a heart of gold." Bush told a pal Marshall would let him join them for three-in-a-bed sex.

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